Online Resources

Virginia Tech students have the opportunity to expand their learning outside of a brick and mortar classroom or a printed book. Students can take classes online or supplement their traditional classroom experience with the aid of online resources.

Virginia Tech Online
Many courses at Virginia Tech have some online component, including chat rooms, online syllabi, and assignments due via e-mail. Some upper level courses are taught 100 percent online, convening in a virtual rather than conventional classroom. As more courses are added to the online catalog, it will become increasingly easy for students to resolve scheduling conflicts because the classes are asynchronous and students can access course materials at a time convenient to their busy schedules.

4Help Knowledge Base
Computers have become as essential as notebooks and pens in most modern classrooms, and this opens many avenues for learning, creativity, and collaboration.  As a new student, you're encouraged to explore 4Help's Knowledge Base to learn more about information technology at Virginia Tech, the support you can receive for your computer, and the computational academic resources you'll use.