Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

Virginia Tech is committed to the education of the whole person. We recognize computers to be an extension of the learning tools needed to compete professionally and to co-exist socially.

Computer Requirements, Virginia Tech

The training and computer interaction students receive at Virginia Tech will provide them with the skills necessary to achieve a high degree of success after leaving the University.

Since 1998, each incoming undergraduate student has been required to own a personal computer. The university annually establishes baseline specifications for each new entering class. Transfer students are subject to the requirement that was in place for students at the same class level into which they enter. Broad specifications are announced by mid-May for students entering in the fall of the next academic year. Some departments and colleges recommend a specific configuration from among the options outlined by the university. No student will be denied admission to Virginia Tech based on an inability to purchase a computer. Financial aid is available to assist students in their computer purchases.

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