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2022-2023 Baseline Minimum System Requirements

For All Incoming Undergraduate Students




Operating System

macOS 12 (or higher)

Processor Speed

Apple M1 chip*

*Mac: If your major requires use of a Windows based software product, please note that new Macs with the Apple M1 chip may not run the required Windows based software locally. You should only purchase an Apple M1 chip Mac if your major requires you to run a Windows based product and they either provide remote access to a Windows operating system or confirm the required software will run with an M1 chip Mac. Please check with your major before you purchase an M1 chip Mac.

Memory (RAM)

16 GB or higher


Minimum 500 GB SSD (Solid State Drive)


Built-in or external with built in microphone (headset/earbuds recommended)


Wi-Fi Capable


3 Year on-site service support, Apple Care (4 Year is highly recommended - available through certain vendors)


Software Suite*

*Students are required to purchase the Incoming Undergraduate Software Bundle through the Virginia Tech Software Service Center. More information can be found at Student Software Center.

Included Products: Microsoft Windows Operating System with Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus
Platform: macOS and Windows
Eligibility: Valid while enrolled in undergraduate classes at Virginia Tech
Note: Office 365 Pro Plus can be downloaded and installed on up to five machines and Office mobile apps can be installed on up to five mobile devices.

Music majors are required to purchase the Dorico music notation software for coursework starting in the second semester of the first year, however we recommend this purchase be held off until it is needed to ensure obtaining the latest version. This software is available at an educational discount on the Steinberg website.


Any backup method of choice including cloud-based services like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

PC: SOPA currently follows the university baseline recommendations, skills-oriented instruction is primarily taught on MacOS. As a result, students are recommended to purchase a MacBook Pro laptop to complete classroom activities. If a PC is purchased, it must be equivalent to the minimum hardware requirements for the Macbook Pro. All of the software required by courses within SOPA is available for MacOS (which is generally preferred by our faculty). Additionally, certain areas of study within Music, require the use of software only available for the Macintosh OS X platform. SOPA currently has a lab in Henderson with Theatre and Cinema software on it. iPads, tablets, netbooks, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and Chromebooks do not have the capabilities to complete class assignments and are not acceptable for our majors.

LaRhonda Kellison