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After You Purchase

Ease your transition into Virginia Tech with these 5 simple steps:

  1. Register at least one 2-Factor Authentication device that you plan to bring with you to Virginia Tech by visiting Hokie SPA. After entering your username and password, follow the prompts to enroll in 2-Factor Authentication. When logging in, you will need a second physical device in your possession such as a smartphone or tablet. See 2-Factor Authentication with Duo for more information.
  2. Attend orientation! 4Help will be giving a presentation on computing at Virginia Tech where you will learn about connecting to the WiFi, printers, software and more. This is a great opportunity to have any technology questions you have answered. Don’t forget to bring your registered 2-Factor device!
  3. Bring a copy of your purchase receipt in case you need to have warranty repair performed.
  4. When you arrive to campus, don't wait! Connect your devices to the WiFi.
    Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets: Manually Connecting to Virginia Tech Wireless eduroam.
    Smart TV’s, consoles, streaming players: Connecting Smart TVs, Streaming Players, and Media Devices to the Virginia Tech Wireless Network
  5. Get Answers: Most of your computing questions can be answered by 4Help, Virginia Tech’s primary point of contact for Information Technology assistance. If you have problems, you can submit a request for support at the site or by calling 4Help at (540) 231- 4357.