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Before You Purchase

What You Will Need

Laptop or tablet computer

If you have declared a major, check the List of Specifications, or contact your department for a list of their computer requirements.

2-Factor Device

All students will be required to use 2-Factor Authentication through Duo. Please ensure that you have your device with you when you arrive to campus so that you are able to login. See more information on Duo and 2-Factor Authentication.

Printer (Optional)

If you elect to bring a printer to campus, please note that printers CANNOT connect to the wireless network. Please bring a wired connection to connect your printer to your computer. Printers are also available on campus for a small fee per page. 

25-foot Ethernet cable (Optional)

WiFi is available in all residence hall rooms. Students are not permitted to connect personal wireless routers. Each residence hall room has one active 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) wired network portal. Residents may purchase an inexpensive Ethernet switch to provide more wired network connections. In the residence halls only, users can connect devices such as streaming devices, smart TVs and game consoles to the wireless network by following the instructions available at 4Help.

Software Suite

In order to help streamline the university’s support for our students and to ensure that all students have access to the latest versions of the Microsoft productivity suite (Office 365) and operating system (Windows), all incoming undergraduate and transfer students are required to purchase the Incoming Undergraduate bundle. Students will gain access to Office 365 Pro Plus during orientation and access to the operating system will be available beginning the day prior to the first day of classes. 

Software for students majoring in Architecture, Building Construction, Business, Engineering, and Landscape Architecture will be available for distribution beginning the day prior to the first day of classes. All further information can be found at the Software Service Center

Virginia Tech Vendors

The following local vendors offer special discounts and pricing to Virginia Tech students:

University Bookstore/Hokie Centric

  • We have your back for 4 years!
  • The best possible pricing
  • Stocked with the exact computer that you need
  • Certified Service Technicians in town with loaner computers for use during repairs
  • Low education pricing on Apple products
  • Technology payment plans
  • Flexible delivery options
  • In-store pickup
  • Certified retail staff
  • Warranty and Accidental Damage plans available
  • Convenient locations: Hokie Centric, University Bookstore, Volume Two Bookstore

Apple Computers

Dell Computers

Best Buy